Who We Are


Merika is a sea goddess. She is the guardian of the voyagers against the rough waves.
To do so, she creates serene bays where waterlilies dance gently in tune with mild ripples. Merika is the embodiment of Muse, Elegance, Rapture, Interaction, Kindness, and Aroma.
Her daughters are mermaids, or rather, Mermaidikas, who merrily serve the Merikan miracles.


Merika aims to diversify demographics. All are united and welcomed under 1 roof


Merika tends her best to create a close-knit atmosphere where individuals, folks, and friends can shoot the breeze while enjoying the merikan miracles; while serving our customers with fresh and healthy ingredients, our dishes are prepped from passionate souls defining the barriers of food with taste, design, and presentations leaving all eyes gleaming in awe and mouths watering. We are also committed to providing services on fair trade, environment-friendly basis. In short, our mission is to offer, be, and deliver: tranquil ambiance, splendidly toothsome, and eco-friendly service


Merika: a mermaid where she’s open, welcoming, and warm inside. Her ideas of growth are expanding globally for all patrons to experience a unique concept of flavorsome food served in a benevolent mise-en-scène with world-class service