Who We Are

I was only a teenager when I got my feet wet at the vast ocean of business. Amid the career ebbs and flows, it was hard work, adventure, taking counsel and hope that kept me afloat. Now, with 30+ years of experience in international business, I see the tide and breeze favorable for realizing my lifelong ambition- launching a global franchise brand.

My twin sons’ passion for yummy combinations of cakes and ice creams, my daughter’s exquisite taste for artisan social hubs, my wife’s principles for healthy eating habits along with my chief enjoyment of gathering and chattering with loved ones all made me set sail for the union of fervor with flavor at MERIKA Cafe.

Brand Essence: Value Each and Every Breath

Not enough can ever be said about embracing the present moment with gratitude and positivity. All those who masticated life to the core recommend that we enjoy the present of the present.

As sage Omar Khayyam puts it:

How fast the Caravan of Life does run!

Cherish the moments mingled with fun.


Merika is a sea goddess. She is the guardian of the voyagers against the rough waves. To do so, she creates serene bays where waterlilies dance gently in tune with mild ripples. Merika is the embodiment of Muse, Elegance, Rapture, Interaction, Kindness, and Aroma. Her daughters are mermaids, or rather, Mermaidikas , who merrily serve the Merikan miracles.

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