Culture: Three for a Tree

The culture of Merika Café has roots in the etymology of the word “culture,” i.e., “to cultivate.” We are determined to contribute three percent of each bill to planting trees in every country that Merika opens a bakery café. After all, we need to plant more if the planet we adore.

Mission: TASTES

Merika Café tends her best to create a close-knit atmosphere where individuals, folks and friends can shoot the breeze while enjoying the Merikan miracles; from the steaming Cannonika chimney rolls and memorable Antarctika gelato cones to savory Exotika chimney snacks and mouth-watering Sippika drinks and shakes. While serving our customers with fresh, healthy ingredients, we are also committed to providing services on fair trade, environment-friendly basis. In short, our mission is to offer, be, and deliver:

Tranquil Ambiance, Splendidly Soothsome, Eco-friendly Services

Vision: UNITED

Unfolding New Inspiring Tales of Excellence from Dubai

Values: MERIKA

Merging the rustic simplicity with urban hospitality

Empowering our staffers to unleash their creativity

Respecting our customers with utmost responsibility

Improving the standards of universal credibility

Keeping an eye on quality, fidelity, and uniformity

Acting accountable to the treasure of humanity

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