about us

About Us

Merika came into existence in UAE in May 2019 Merika acknowledges that the UAE, in general, and Dubai, is regarded as the true cradle of innovative and start-up businesses. Merika is a brand whose mission and vision are the embodiment of a global brand that is rooted in Dubai as her birthplace and reaches out globally by virtue of franchising licensing. Merika started out as a cafe; however, it has the potential to turn out to be a superior trademark in producing and distributing stat-of the-art food services and products.
Merging rustic simplicity with urban hospitality.
Empowering our staffers to unleash their creativity.
 Respecting our customers with the utmost responsibility.
Improving the standards of universal credibility.
Keeping an eye on quality, fidelity, and uniformity.
Acting accountable to the treasure of humanity.